Thursday, August 15, 2013

The connections that complete our Lives

(No people in this story are pictured here)
So, once upon a time,as many stories often start, I was in high school.
There was a tragic death of a classmate.
A brother of one friend of mine and boyfriend of another.
While he wasn't a close personal friend of mine, the loss was devastating to the entire school.
Months later, I saw a picture, of the two of them, she was giggling, they were hugging and he was kissing her cheek.
In the days before cell phone cameras, and a digital camera in everyone's pocket, this was a truly unique capture.
A capture of a very special moment.
More than the moment though, that photo did more than remind her of who she had had in her life.
That photo rewarmed the feeling she had in that very moment when the photo was taken. It gave her joy, and hope, and love, and gave her the avenue to feel all of that again when she looked at that moment.
She didn't stay there, she grew up, loved again, the pain became less devastating, and the memories more distant. The feelings and love and happiness and joy though, are a part of that sweet teen, and she can feel those things again, with a look at "just" a picture.
I learned then, LONG before I knew what I would do in my life, that a picture is more than a picture. An image is an avenue to feel, feel who we were, what we had, and where we came from.
And perhaps even give us a glimpse of where our love can take us in the future
Our love and our connections to those we love are what truly makes our lives, OUR lives.

This shapes me into the photographer I am today, a seed planted in tragedy decades ago, blossoming into SEEING the links people have in their lives, and capturing those moments, feelings, love and connections. So we can feel that love again.

Thursday, May 16, 2013

so....what's new

YEP, so new at this blog thing, and it hasn't quite made it into my regular scheduled life.
Here's a few peeks of what's been going on!
PS if you follow this blog, or are interested in popping in, PLEASE let us know! (it may just inspire us to keep at it more regularly! -Jeanette